Working Papers

The Real Effects of Credit Booms and Busts (with Simon Gilchrist and Egon Zakrajsek)
February 2018


Uncertainty and International Capital Flows (with Francois Gourio and Adrien Verdelhan)
December 2015


Learning, Rare Disasters, and Asset Prices (with Yang K. Lu)
January 2016; First version: September 2011
FEDS Working Paper 2013-85


Firm entry and Employment Dynamics in the Great Recession
February 2016 , First version: March 2012
old version: FEDS Working Paper 2014-56
In the media: WSJ.comSpeech by Chair Yellen


Work in Progress
A Missing Generation of Firms? Aggregate Effects of the Decline in New Business Formation (with Francois Gourio)