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Working Papers

Uncertainty and International Capital Flows (with Francois Gourio and Adrien Verdelhan)
December 2015


Employment Effects of Financial Constraints During the Great Recession
R&R at Review of Economics and Statistics
July 2016


Learning, Rare Disasters, and Asset Prices (with Yang K. Lu)
R&R at Review of Economic Dynamics
January 2016; First version: September 2011
FEDS Working Paper 2013-85


Firm entry and Employment Dynamics in the Great Recession (update coming soon)
February 2016 , First version: March 2012
old version: FEDS Working Paper 2014-56
In the media: WSJ.comSpeech by Chair Yellen



Work in Progress
Bank Balance Sheets and Firm Employment in the Great Recession (with Simon Gilchrist and Egon Zakrajsek)
A Missing Generation of Firms? Aggregate Effects of the Decline in New Business Formation (with Francois Gourio)
A Missing Generation of Exporters (with Wiliam Lincoln and Andrew McCullum)